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Deliver it with AudioVAULT


On the air, over the internet or across syndication, AudioVAULT FleX delivers. 


  • Syndicate shows individualized by affiliate anywhere in the world
  • Operate fully automated, live-assist or off of satellite, or any combination of all three
  • Collaborate live with other talent down the hall or across the country
  • Customize each voice track segue, even remotely.




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Elenos S.R.L. moves to acquire Broadcast Electronics (BE): An Inside Conversation

by Jeff Wilson, Director of US Sales and Marketing, Broadcast Electronics. 



On December 20, employees of BE and Elenos, our customers and broadcasters throughout the world, the city of Quincy, Illinois USA, and vendors and partners everywhere were shocked to learn that Elenos is acquiring BE. Since that announcement, there have been many emails, calls, and questions regarding this acquisition. In an attempt to try to answer some of these questions, I have had a conversation with Leonardo Busi, Elenos Group President and Tom Beck, President/CEO of BE. Here is the text of the conversation. 


Wilson: A lot of people worldwide were surprised to hear that Elenos is acquiring BE. Does this reaction surprise you? 



Full Story Here