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Deliver it with AudioVAULT


On the air, over the internet or across syndication, AudioVAULT FleX delivers. 


  • Syndicate shows individualized by affiliate anywhere in the world
  • Operate fully automated, live-assist or off of satellite, or any combination of all three
  • Collaborate live with other talent down the hall or across the country
  • Customize each voice track segue, even remotely.




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Troops Rally Around AudioVAULT as Freedom Radio Signs Off from Baghdad 


Troops rally around a BE AudioVAULT studio control system during the final broadcast of Baghdad’s Freedom Radio, which signed off on Friday, September 23. Freedom Radio, an American Forces Network station, had been broadcasting from Baghdad using BE's AudioVAULT studio control system since December 2003. Shown above, morning show hosts and Army Sergeants Adam Prickel and Randall “Jay” Townsend with fellow U.S. soldiers next to the BE AudioVAULT screen. (Video by Dan Zak/Kristen Boghosian, read story in The Washington Post.)