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Radio Automation (AudioVAULT)






























AudioVAULT FleX is a new look for the new world of radio.


 AudioVAULT FleX creates an environment that encourages talent to be creative as possible in delivering compelling content, building audience and increasing sales. AudioVAULT FleX provides the tools you need to work smarter and achieve more.

Just like you, AudioVAULT FleX is focused on what goes out on the air. AudioVAULT FleX is an entire suite of powerful, specialized tools designed to support you in delivering the best, the richest, content to your listeners. These modules can be put together in infinite ways, to fit any kind of programming, in any size market, from a single station to a multi-site group.  




All the Tools you need for managing, creating and delivering great content.


Manage. Store music centrally or locally, or both; your music scheduler or ours. Share audio files instantly, across the hall or across the continent. You set up your AudioVAULT with screen presets based on your preferences and add modules as you need them. For one station or multiple stations, whether on-air,  HD2 or internet-only.   


Create. All the production tools you’ll ever need to create, download, rip and edit audio in advance or on the fly. 


Deliver. Execute music playlists easily and segue voicetracks seamlessly. Collaborate live with talent teams and update schedules across a cluster. Operate fully automated, live-assist or off satellite, or any combination of all three.


Mobile App! - Brand New to FleX


Now you can stay connected with your AudioVAULT FleX system while away from the station. Whether you’re an engineer or air talent the FleX Mobile App gives you the features you need to securely interface with your AudioVAULT FleX while on the go.






Interface Segue Editor Quick Starts

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Plenty of program automation systems have come and gone over the years. But only BE’s AudioVAULT has evolved – starting as the first automation system based on open PC standards, then as the first Windows networked system joining together station clusters, and now as a studio platform that can adapt itself to any function and purpose. There are as many unique combinations of AudioVAULT tools for managing, creating, controlling, integrating or adapting content as there are studio applications.









Manage it with AudioVAULT


Keeping track of content and accessing the audio you need when you need it is easy with AudioVAULT FleX's full suite of tools.


  • Manage music libraries centrally or locally, or both
  • Get instant access to music and audio elements, no matter where they’re archived on the intranet
  • Import music logs from any standard scheduling program or create, combine or compile schedules using AudioVAULT
  • Set up any number of screen presets based on announcer preferences, show formats and other individual or workgroup uses 
  • Record and log audio from practically any source for long-term storage or short-term auditing
  • Repurpose content for new Internet-only or HD2 channels
  • Use off-the-shelf audio cards or IP audio routing. AudioVAULT open compatibility lets you decide.
  • Set user access, monitor all channels and synchronize program logs, libraries and workflow across all stations and workstations 
  • Expand from a single workstation to a multi-location network and add new capabilities as you need them


Create it with AudioVAULT


Get creative with your radio content. AudioVAULT FleX has the production tools.   


  • Cut and paste audio clips
  • Record news actualities or phone bits
  • Break long-form bulk feeds into individual productions for targeted distribution and playback
  • Dub in a spot from an ad agency
  • Rip from a CD
  • Load in a full multitrack production
  • Import any WAV, MP3 or other standard audio file  




Deliver it with AudioVAULT


On the air, over the internet or across syndication, AudioVAULT FleX delivers. 


  • Syndicate shows individualized by affiliate anywhere in the world
  • Operate fully automated, live-assist or off of satellite, or any combination of all three
  • Collaborate live with other talent down the hall or across the country
  • Customize each voice track segue, even remotely.




Contact Us


phone: +1 217.224.9600



“ many Marconi (NAB award) finalists we use the AudioVAULT automation system. We're also like other stations in the U.S. in that our whole crew is used to wearing multiple hats."



Joey Cummings

General Manager


Pago Pago, American Samoa


KKHJ FM is the small South Pacific station that gained notoriety as a finalist for the 2010 NAB Marconi Radio AC station of the year award.