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FM Exciters



At the heart of all FM transmission systems is the FM exciter, and no one makes them better than Broadcast Electronics.


We are the innovators behind direct-to-channel FM carrier generation, which is why our exciters are known for their exceptional audio performance. Exciter performance is the last thing you'll have to worry about when it comes to the many configuration and power options of HD Radio. Our exciters are dynamically engineered for multicasting or datacasting, for booster or single-frequency networks.

STXe Digital

STXe Digital

Providing unparalleled audio performance, the new STXe exciter will continue BE’s dynamically engineered excellence. STXe exciters have a small footprint, are operational in FM, FM + HD Radio, HD Radio only, DRM+, or FM + DRM+ modes, and range in power from 5W to 500W. The STXe exciter is now standard in BE’s C, S and T Series FM transmitters. 

FXi Digital

FXi Digital


We've dedicated substantial engineering resources to this important function in the RF chain, and it shows in the reliability and adaptability of our FM exciters.

·         Direct-to-channel RF carrier generation for optimum performance

·         Open architecture for HD Radio multicasting

·         Synchronous features for booster or single-frequency networks

·         Operates in FM only, HD Radio only or both

·         Available in 60 or 250 watts of standalone FM transmission power



Our FX 50, FM 100C, and FM 250C exciters offer the lowest distortion of any available analog exciter. Performance specifications include a dynamic range that rivals CD players with harmonic and intermodulation distortion values so low they are virtually unmeasurable.


These exciters bring existing FM transmitters up to digital quality standards and also serve double duty as standalone FM transmitters.




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Elenos S.R.L. moves to acquire Broadcast Electronics (BE): An Inside Conversation

by Jeff Wilson, Director of US Sales and Marketing, Broadcast Electronics. 



On December 20, employees of BE and Elenos, our customers and broadcasters throughout the world, the city of Quincy, Illinois USA, and vendors and partners everywhere were shocked to learn that Elenos is acquiring BE. Since that announcement, there have been many emails, calls, and questions regarding this acquisition. In an attempt to try to answer some of these questions, I have had a conversation with Leonardo Busi, Elenos Group President and Tom Beck, President/CEO of BE. Here is the text of the conversation. 


Wilson: A lot of people worldwide were surprised to hear that Elenos is acquiring BE. Does this reaction surprise you? 



Full Story Here