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STX LP Generation II Series (1kW - 5kW) - STX LP 2 kW Generation II


2 kW Low Power FM Transmitter

BE's STX LP was the first low power transmitter to effectively combine the quality, features and support you want at an exceptional value. With STX LP Generation II, there’s now even MORE VALUE!  
With built-in features not found in competing models, BE saves you more than just the cost of additional external equipment. Smaller rack size, quicker installation and set-up times, reduced maintenance and future system expandability options puts you at a competitive advantage while ensuring overall system reliability.
Designed to Last
Leveraging proven BE technology, the STX LP gives low power stations a boost with an enhanced PA design, increased redundancy and extreme flexibility.
The truly scalable design accommodates both current and future system configurations, including main/alternate, FM booster and N+1 applications, ensuring your purchase today will meet your needs tomorrow. As your station's needs change, so can your transmitter, saving you money on costly system upgrades.

Key Features

  • Standard integrated Digital exciter
  • HD Radio & DRM+ Compatible
  • IP Connectivity for anytime, anywhere access
  • NEW GUI with access to all important Transmitter Parameters
  • SNMP Level 3 Control and Protection
  • Includes Multiple PA Amplifiers and PA Power Supplies for increased redundancy
  • Scalable design allows 1 kW, 2kW, 3 kW and 5 kW configurations
  • Front panel control and metering via LCD interface
  • Redundant fan design for extended system reliability
  • Internal low pass filter
  • Designed for reliability and serviceability
  • Quick and easy setup to get you on the air faster!
  • Power Distribution Panel for quick and easy installation
  • Unique Backup Exciter and Controller Options for ultimate redundancy





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Technical Specifications

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