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Get all the right tools for one of the more high-energy environments in your radio station, the newsroom.  NewsBoss for AudioVAULT is a complete newsroom suite of applications. 


Easily gather wire stories and audio feeds from newswire services, create scripts and audio cuts using either original material or network material, manage scripts and audio cuts to quickly build a newscast, and present newscasts on-air. Having the right suite of tools means your news staff will be able to spend more time on the things that really matter, like contributing to the overall sound and success of your station.




  • Gather news feeds from several sources, including more than 40 pre-configured providers
  • Integrate e-mail with audio capture and open up opportunities to get news items from stringers, foreign correspondents and even the public
  • Time your newscasts perfectly right from the start with automatic script timing information as you edit
  • Configure NewsBoss to match the needs of individual newsrooms, with scalability built-in
  • Outfit a single-user newsroom or a networked system of hundreds of users
  • Use standard PC hardware and save  
  • Follow a proven workflow model ideally suited to radio
  • Get it all rolled into one platform without all the expensive extras….NewsBoss is a complete radio newsroom system in one affordable package



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