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SM Logger: Capturing, Logging and Podcasting


With this multi-channel capture and logger application made by Stirlitz Media (SM), you can capture, analyze and archive audio from just about any source. Or, capture and log PPM data in a timeline sweep for the critical analysis needed to make accurate program decisions. Or, you can log multiple channels of audio and video, combine them all with multiple layers of metadata from any source and then make that all visible in an online media player. 


This logger records at multiple bitrates, has no storage limits, and is easy to use. It has file markers that are used for logging events such as the opening or closing of a microphone, and a timeline menu that lets you easily log audio by month, day, hour, minute and second. Shortcut buttons come in handy to move between locations without restarting the application every time. A bookmark feature and event toggle offer easy navigation and access to archived audio. You can define personal bookmarks for auditioning audio segments stored on a local hard drive or at multiple station locations, FTP sites or Web sites. What’s more, audio logs can be played back over a network or Internet connection, which is useful for production and aircheck purposes. SML also e-mails information to multiple e-mail and SMS addresses.


Also available is an optional SM Podcaster that extracts and podcasts media from the log using fully automated scripts based on the logged metadata. In addition, another add-on, the SM Inspector, can actually detect what other stations are broadcasting, who is advertising there and, if you would want, automatically find their traffic reports and highlight them for playback.

We chose Stirlitz Media as our partner for these applications because of their reliability, flexibility, quality and affordability.



Key Features

  • Log program audio together with metadata such as play-out automation logs, newsreader cue sheets, subtitle feeds and RDS texts
  • Record audio for archiving or aircheck purposed, and retrieve by timeline or event bookmarks
  • Capture and log PPM data in a timeline sweep for critical analysis and program decision-making
  • Log DMB/DAB/DAB+ metadata for repurposing as well as log RDS data for archiving -- and even record station volume and signal output levels
  • Generate multiple podcasts from one audio source
  • Record audio at selectable bitrates for storage purposes
  • Log your competitors’ programming, along with their metadata such as EPG information
  • Automate podcasts of your programming
  • Have all recorded audio/video available within seconds of recording or from months back in one easy-to-use player application



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