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STL (Audio-over-IP) - Big Pipe



This product is not currently in production, but it may still be supported. All Supporting Documents are located on our website; use the links at the right to download the applicable files or contact Technical Services for assistance.


STLs from Broadcast Electronics are designed to meet the changing needs of today’s broadcasters. Capable of more than just audio, our configurable STLs can be equipped with a number of plug-in Service Interface Modules (SIMs). These media and data input/output options provide a wide range of multiplexed configurations depending on your needs. Modules are hot-pluggable for easy installation, upgrade or repair.


Our STL line consists of microwave radios and data-conversion network interfaces that are designed to work together, but may be used independently based on your application. The microwave radios operate in the 5.3 GHz or 5.8 GHz frequency bands allowing rapid deployment. The radios come equipped with either integral or external antenna connectivity, which is selected based on path length.

For systems where only Ethernet is transported, the Ethernet connection may be made directly to the microwave radios with no further interface. Conversely, the Network Terminal units may be used to multiplex media and data for transport over terrestrial services.



  • Mainframe chassis for Service Interface Modules (SIM) modules for media and data input/output
  • Equipped standard with: Power supply and fan modules, BP 400 NAU Network Access Unit with multiple data interfaces, 100BaseT Ethernet port and test port for local diagnostics
  • Hot-swappable architecture, supports two additional SIMs
  • Chassis may be daisy-chained for additional confi guration capabilities
  • In-band remote and local craft management
  • Multi-gigabit backplane capable of processing multiple high bandwidth signals
  • Supports numerous network configurations and off-the-shelf network hardware
  • OC-3 (155 Mb/s) and OC-12C (622 Mb/s) fi ber interfaces optionally available



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