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4MX Series (25kW to 100kW) - 4MX 50 (D)



50 kW AM Transmitter

While the 4MX 50 is as little as one-third the footprint and weight of competing models, it exceeds expectations for reliability and service accessibility. The unique design directly connects efficient switching power supplies to the power amplifier, entirely skipping the modulator stage. 
All 32 power amplifiers have their own power supply, producing unparalleled redundancy, thus ensuring the transmitter is on air at maximum power even with multiple failed modules. The power amplifiers are hot-pluggable and can be removed and replaced while the transmitter remains in operation. The exciter in the 4MX 50 is DSP-based and provides enhanced audio performance by correcting for any distortion. In addition to superior audio quality for your listeners, the 4MX 50 offers unprecedented diagnostics, such as the ability to view an impedance sweep of the antenna system, as well as a spectrum analysis of the output signal to verify spectral performance of analog AM and HD Radio systems. 
Full transmitter control and diagnostic capabilities are available locally via a 15-inch, 1024 x 768 XGA front-panel display. The user interface provides intuitive soft-button operation for easy viewing of all pertinent transmitter status and advanced diagnostic information, as well as transmitter operational control. 
Fully HD Radio and DRM compatible as delivered from the factory, the 4MX 50 accommodates both current and future versions of HD Radio. As you have come to expect from BE, the 4MX 50 provides the flexibility of changing transmission between analog-AM mode and analog-AM plus-HD-Radio mode on the fly either locally or remotely. When it comes to implementing HD Radio, no AM transmitter provides more system design options than the 4MX 50.

Key Features

  • Patented 4M Modulation design
  • 88% typical efficiency
  • As little as one-third the footprint and weight of competing models
  • Designed for analog AM, HD Radio and DRM
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Power capability as low as 250 watts
  • Hot-pluggable power amplifier modules
  • 15" XGA graphical user interface for diagnostics and operation
  • Diagnostics, status and control available via IP
  • Power factor greater than 0.99


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Technical Specifications

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