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FM Transmitter Accessories - RDi 20


Accelerated RDS Generator


When combined with radio audio, Messagecasting provides compelling means to attract and retain listeners and advertisers. Radio Data System (RDS) adds Messagecasting capability to FM programming allowing you to supercharge your sales, promotions and programming efforts.

Broadcast Electronics helps you implement RDS with powerful, easy-to-use hardware to generate and monitor RDS transmissions, as well as a full range of software and services to deliver and manage content.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the RDi 20 Accelerated RDS Generator is a key component of the BE Messagecasting line. Competitively priced, the RDi 20 provides the quality and features demanded by both engineering and programming.

Other unique features of the RDi 20 include the ability to increase the rate at which receiver RadioText is refreshed. RadioText is the 64-character message display available on more sophisticated receivers. When an event occurs, such as a new song starting, the RDi 20 can decrease the time necessary for new information to be displayed.

The RDi 20 also includes comprehensive front-panel controls and status display, eliminating the need to drag a PC to the transmitter to adjust settings. Actual RDS content is displayed on the unit's display to confirm what the listener will see.


Key Features


  • Hardware integration options include Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS-232 and RS-422
  • Easily configured and managed via a locally or remotely connected PC
  • Updateable via flash memory card
  • Free of digital noise at 57 kHz
  • Advanced DSP-design
  • Comprehensive, practical documentation
  • The RDi 20 front panel controls eliminate the need to drag a PC to the transmitter to adjust settings. Actual RDS content is displayed to confirm what the listener will see.

Technical Specifications

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  RDi 20 - Technical Specifications

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