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FM HD Radio Signal Generators - XPi 10esp


FM HD Radio Embedded Exporter


Designed for operator ease-of-use and simple implementation of HD, the XPi 10esp Embedded Exporter from Broadcast Electronics offers the latest in the development of HD Radio.

Based on the new embedded design, the XPi 10esp eliminates PC-based equipment at the transmitter site for increased on-air reliability, and ultimately lowers the cost to implement and maintain HD Radio.


Multiple Functions, One Compact Unit

The XPi 10esp acts as a central hub, combining your primary and secondary HD Radio signals, along with any associated Messagecasting data, into a single HDC stream, allowing all data and audio integration, as well as processing, to be handled at the studio.

With automatic diversity delay alignment, support for existing configuration inputs and outputs, and a flexible web interface for local and remote operation, the XPi 10esp embedded exporter from BE gives you the operational flexibility required for today's radio.



Key Features


  • Embedded processor eliminates computer operating system
  • Real-time diversity delay alignment continuously monitors FM analog and HD signals with automatic time alignment
  • Integrated synchronization, automated bypass function and internal GPS receiver
  • Java based





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  XPi 10esp Brochure 1 May 2016

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