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FM HD Radio Signal Generators - FSi 10 (D)



FM HD Radio Signal Generator


This state-of-the-art product provides a low voltage data stream, LVDS, signal to the new FXi series exciter to be combined with the analog signal for use in either low level or high level combined FM systems. All system controls are available on the front panel with the use of a full VGA touch screen. The FSi 10 provides delay matching of the analog and HD Radio paths, and encoding of the HD Radio digital signal.


When used with the FXi series digital FM exciter, these two units provide an HD Radio-plus-FM output for use in low-level combined systems, or an HD Radio-only signal for use in high level combined implementations. The advanced design concept of the FSi 10 allows stations with first-generation HD Radio architecture using the FSi 10 at their transmitter sites to easily and economically move to second-generation architecture. This transition facilitates integration of Secondary Program Services (SPS) such as Tomorrow Radio, Program Associated Data (PAD) and other station and third-party data streams. It also enables using a single-direction broadband studio-transmitter link (STL), having all processing at the studio and eliminating all PC-based equipment at your transmitter site. The result is a simpler and less expensive way to implement HD Radio, with greater reliability and more control over your content.


To accomplish the second-generation transition, an upgrade kit for the FSi 10 uses a simple plug-in board to convert it to an XPi 10 HD Radio Exporter which is placed at the studio site. The conversion kit also includes the requisite Exgine card that relocates some of the HD Radio signal generation functionality to the FXi exciter. This design foresight—eliminating rapid obsolescence of recently deployed equipment—is what has made Broadcast Electronics the industry leader in HD Radio technology.


Key Features


  • FM HD Radio signal generator provides baseband HD Radio directly to the FXi 60/250 digital exciter
  • Allows operation in either HD Radio only or HD Radio + FM modes when paired with the FXi 60/250
  • Internal GPS for synchronization
  • Time aligns FM and HD Radio signals for blending
  • Receives audio via AES digital format
  • 640 x 480 touch screen interface
  • 5 RU 19" EIA rack mount


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