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RDS, HD PAD & More (The Radio Experience) - TRE Plug-ins


Create your own radio experience with plug-ins!


The modular nature of TRE allows you to do more with less.  You can add new modules as your needs grow.   


TrafficNow: If you are a Navteq or Westwood One traffic subscriber you can now display current traffic information on RDS and HD PAD.


TRECast: TRECast is a studio application that gives you the ability to easily generate time-sensitive data content and instantly distribute that to multiple destinations for a single or multiple stations.  It also includes many handy features such as the ability to create a pallet of pre-scripted messages such as weather and contest alerts that can be sent out at anytime.


TwitterTagging: In an effort to find an easier solution for song tagging that does not require specialized hardware, BE created Twitter Tagging.  By tweeting each song, along with an iTunes Store URL, listeners can then favorite that Tweet on any portable device that supports Twitter.  Later, they can recall that favorite Tweet on a PC or Mac and purchase the song.


WeatherNow: When used in conjunction with Message Center, allows datacasting of your choice of various current weather conditions in any format you like.


Web2.0: Unless you have been living in the rack room for the last few years, you know that social networking and Web 2.0 are big.  With TRE, you now have the tools to interact in this modern environment and to communicate with listeners in more ways than ever before! Web 2.0 is a collection of add-ons and tools that keep your station connected to listeners on a whole new level.  Web 2.0 currently supports Twitter, Last.FM and through Ping.FM over 40 other social networking sites including FaceBook, MySpace, FriendFeed and more.


And more: TRE has a large and ever growing collection of plug-ins including support for tagging, streaming, TuneGenie Listener Driven Radio and more.  Contact your BE sales rep for an up-to-date list of TRE's options.  






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