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RDS, HD PAD & More (The Radio Experience) - Message Manager


Generate revenue and promote your station like never before!


TRE Message Manager:  This is the heart and soul of The Radio Experience. Compatible with BE’s AudioVAULT and other standard automation systems, Message Manager does all your scheduling of messages by daypart, event, category or any other criteria you can dream up. Message Manager accepts data from a wide variety of sources for almost any purpose, all of which can be interleaved together and delivered separately or simultaneously over FM as RDS data or HD Radio and the Internet.


Key features

  • Allows more flexible and detailed data scheduling for non-music and music stations.
  • Provides advanced scheduling tools for scheduling messages like you do music.
  • Supports interleaving, triggering by event or time and dayparting.
  • Automatically processes ad impressions.
  • Ability to keep advertiser text message from conflicting with advertiser audio messages.
  • Dynamic Program Service (PS) friendly.
  • DPS display tool to help station sales staff educate their clients.
  • Provide detailed logging of messages for proof of performance.
  • Logs are exportable as CSV.
  • Plus, all the functions performed by TRE Core Engine.  

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