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Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Between Studios


There’s a lot to keep track of in the modern radio operation. That’s where AVHarmony and AVWatchDog come in. These AudioVAULT modules enable peer-to-peer synchronization, so you can automate background tasks such as replicating logs and coordinating event timers between workstations.


These tools make it practical to control cues throughout a cluster, which can be helpful in an all-news operation running live studios simultaneously. Or, use these tools to replicate all logs and create order out of event and break timers throughout. And, if a local server should fail, you won’t be stuck scrambling to fill dead air. Our peer-to-peer synchronization tools come to the rescue by enabling you to play from other studios in the network harmonized according to station logs and music schedules.


Key Features

  • Replicate all program logs and status files in a cluster
  • Create local start/stop and global start/stop cues for coordinating multiple live studios
  • Play from any other harmonized studio location in the network should a local server go down  

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