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AVScheduler: Plays Well with Others


We know you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your music and traffic scheduling programs, so we designed AudioVAULT around open standards. Any scheduling program capable of exporting a schedule file will work with AudioVAULT, making it the most flexible and adaptable interface available today.

With AVScheduler, you can import traffic and music schedules and combine them with events like news, weather, liners, and talk segments. Or, create an integrated event file that lists every event in order from the legal ID at midnight to the last song in the 11 o’clock hour.

To make it even easier, you can completely automate the process of importing schedules, performing schedule checks and sending the completed schedule to AVAir. AVScheduler can constantly scan directories on your station network, so all you have to do is export the schedule from your music or traffic program; AVScheduler will do the rest.


Key Features

  • Keep your existing music or traffic scheduling program. AVScheduler works with any music or traffic scheduling package capable of exporting an ASCII output file.
  • Make schedule changes quickly with drag-and-drop interface and send to AVAir for fast and automatic schedule updates
  • Automate events and event triggers, including updates and timed events
  • Protect your schedules from unauthorized access with password-protected AVScheduler  
  • Audition audio directly within AVScheduler
  • Automate music and traffic imports for hands-off operation
  • Import schedules as far in advance as you have output're not limited to scheduling only a week in advance

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