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Deliver - Voice Tracking & Segue Editor


Voice Tracking: It's All About Transitions 


This isn’t just any voice tracker. The difference is found in our embedded Segue Editor, which makes quick work out of audio transitions. With VoiceTracker and embedded Segue Editor, song-voicetrack-song crossfades are created by adjusting the audio gain between transitions, not by creating separate tracks that can complicate matters. Donuts and double-donuts? No problem. Our voice tracking tools give you everything you need to effectively maximize all your studio resources without compromising program quality.


Our embedded Segue Editor is also useful for other applications in the studio requiring adjustments of audio fade/ramp/gain.


Key Features

  • Seamlessly crossfade voice tracks and music transitions using audio gain control
  • Record voicetracks from multiple sources at once, for the same day at the same time
  • Goof-proof voicetracks using unique filename designators indicating location within your schedule
  • Combine our sophisticated voicetracking with AudioVAULT distribution tools to syndicate programming anywhere in the world
  • Efficiently localize multiple stations from a centralized studio

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