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AVAir: On-Air Interface with Multiple Personalities


This on-air interface has personality plus with all the widgets and workflow controls you need to instantly drop in liners, retrieve audio files and make changes minutes before air.


Operate multiple functions individually or collaborate with talent seamlessly. Plus, you set up screen presets that can be changed by show or by talent; by daypart or by format. Operate live, live-assist or automated. All from one seat. 


Key Features

  • Personalize AVAir workspace for each user, with your choice of control faders, mouse and/or touchscreen operation
  • Create screen layout presets for specific shows, talent or other studio functions
  • Configure AVAir for specialized applications, such as monitoring HD2 or Internet-only channels
  • Find the audio you need in a flash with easy-to-use, searchable navigation pane
  • Collaborate in realtime with workgroups from separate studios through AudioVAULT’s multi-thread engine
  • Work smarter. Enhanced quick-starts give you access to an unlimited number of button palettes, with each button instantly configured to playback audio, position phoners, place sound effect drops and more!
  • Work together. With AudioVAULT, you can view, modify or manipulate the program log at the same time as other on-air talent. Or, you can assign creative control to one and monitor-only ability to another.  
  • Bring RSS and other information feeds right in your AVAir workspace with direct Internet connectivity
  • Add “widgets” for advanced functionality via RSS feeds, such as temperature, weather forecast, traffic reports, news headlines, webcams and even the ability to IM chat with listeners

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