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AVRip, a Ripper Specifically for the Studio


There are a number of good commercial rippers available, but our AVRip tool takes CD audio extraction a few steps further.

Extract audio straight to your AudioVAULT file system as a WAV or MP3 file in a number of sample and compression rates. Automatically add AudioVAULT-specific information like trim points and automation segue markers. And, download metadata like artist, title and album information from online databases and insert that information directly into the header of the AudioVAULT file.


AVRip can even insert links to album art, making your AudioVAULT file ready for web applications capable of supporting album art and for future HD Radio receivers that will support such graphics. 

AVRip is designed to create AudioVAULT files that are practically ready to play right after ripping. Not only can it rip in music CDs much faster than realtime with increases in audio level accuracy and metadata accuracy, it can just as easily be used to rip in syndicated programming delivered on CD. Once the ripping process begins, you are free to do other things while the ripped files are created in your file system.



Key Features

  • Rip in music CDs as well as syndicated programming
  • Rip CD audio to complete AudioVAULT-formatted files much faster than realtime
  • Rip CD audio to multiple formats, including WAV, compressed WAV and MP3
  • Create automated AudioVAULT filenames based on criteria you specify
  • Trim audio and add AudioVAULT SEC tones, automatically





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