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AVProd: Audio Editor for Light Production and Newsrooms


You’ll be amazed at how powerful, yet simple this stereo audio editor is. From simple dubbing to full ad production, the AVProd editor does it all. This useful editor will even modify audio-associated metadata for recording, playback or delivery purposes.  



Key Features

  • Quickly cut and paste audio clips or break long-form bulk feeds into individual segments.
  • Easily dub in a spot from an ad agency or lay down a voiceover track onto a production bed  
  • Effortlessly set begin and end points within an audio file, adjust gain, and add secondary and tertiary tones for automation functions
  • Mark sections of an upcoming song and play it on-air as a “hook” leading into a break, or as a recurring audio loop played at intervals throughout a segment
  • Modify audio cut metadata, including artist and title, intro time and outcue, and start and end dates


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