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We talked briefly with Dan Finn, Vice President & Regional General Manager for Greater Media New Jersey, about the group’s bold, progressive move into new media and what advice he can offer to other broadcasters.

The lesson: sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel. And for stations like CBS’ 101.1 JACK FM in New York, which is going after today’s media-savvy listener with a Jack format, the slick new wheel today is Messagecasting by Broadcast Electronics.

WNNW 800, one of the first AMs in the country to broadcast HD Radio using BE equipment, is a leading Spanish-language station in a market not generally known for its Hispanic culture.

Mid-day WNNW 800 personality La Beba, right, presents an HD radio to Elpidio Beato, a faithful listener.


Beasley-owned WKIS 99.9 in Miami leapfrogged over all the usual program choices and went straight to the outlaw of country to make its debut in multicasting in January 2006.

Program Director Bob Barnett approached Wilson with his idea for an eclectic part rock and part country format.


For 60 years WKSR Radio, Pulaski, TN, has kept Giles Countians entertained and informed, using the latest in technological advancements to provide the best quality possible. Today, WKSR is carrying on that tradition with HD Radio. Read more a in clipping from the local press.


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