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MyRedLounge is an HD2 station on the same dial position as KFTK Talk 97.1 FM in St. Louis, MO. The station is running what is a mix of jazz, blues, swing and lounge tunes from yesterday and today. Jeff Allen, Program Director, explains its unique and contemporary sound.

Sometimes, more really is more. Consider Zimmer Radio, Inc. in Joplin, Missouri, and its conversion to HD Radio using Broadcast Electronics transmission technology.

When it came time to explore new ways to make money in radio, we called on Billy Clanton, Jr., Interactive Marketing Director for Greater Media New Jersey. Read about the group’s impressive lineup of income-generating Web, text, streaming and social networking opportunities.

WQKX 94.1 advertisers don’t know quite what to call it. Nor do most of the station staff, for that matter. But they all have a pretty good idea what to do with Messagecasting for readout on many newer radios.


WQKX Program Director Drew Kelly lets you in on the secret.


Radio Disney is aggressively converting many of their AM stations to HD Radio using BE gear. “When we started Radio Disney 10 years ago, we decided that the format itself was more important than the fidelity. We don’t think that anymore,” says Drew Korzeniewski, VP of Distribution and Operations.


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