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Greater Media Detroit has been racking up some serious promotional mileage since it added Broadcast Electronics HD2 Multicasting in June 2005. Its rocker station is now a regular at the local Detroit club scene, thanks to its new digital program channel called RIFF2, which features local metal bands.

Doug Podell is RIFF's "Doc of Rock".


During Cape Cod’s high season, its population doubles. Every year at the end of the season, visiting WQRC 99.9 FM and WOCN 103.9 FM listeners return home, but their ties to this unique seaside community remain strong. Understanding these strong ties, station management has a plan to lure them back—and, in fact, let them enjoy Cape Cod year round.


Jean Kourafas, manager online services, uses SoniXtream to follow listeners to their winter homes with live streaming on the web.


There’s good news and bad news in today’s media business. The bad news is the increasing competition for “ears” from new media sources. The good news is that as a result, local market share is falling to radio like loose change from a Ferris wheel.


“Our market position keeps getting stronger, because the good thing for radio in the small market is that the printed newspaper is losing its influence. Which leaves an opening for us,” says Galesburg Broadcasting’s General Manager Roger Lundeen.


Radio formats are like potato chips. You simply can’t stop at one, especially now that HD Radio is making it so tempting to put up two, even three formats on an FM frequency.

Gregg Frischling, station manager for Steel City Media's WLTJ FM in Pittsburgh says its three channels of HD Radio sound as good, if not better, than the station's analog broadcast.


101.1 Jack FM/WCBS in New York City is imprinting its brand on multiple media: Internet Broadcasting via BE’s SoniXtream, HD2 Multicasting with BE’s FM HD Radio technology and, using The Radio Experience, instant-messaging listeners when a favorite song is about to play. We talked to 101.1 Jack FM General Manager Chad Brown about these new services, WCBS’ heyday as an Oldies station, viral marketing, Toyota and more.


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