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BE HD Radio multicasting adds youth channel to Bonneville HD2 stations nationwide. Bonneville programmer Ken Williams is thinking outside the box to capture the youth market.

Bill Struyk has done some serious time in small-town radio. He’s been the General Manager of WGHN AM/FM in Grand Haven, Mich., for 23 years. That’s almost 24 million minutes total between the two stations, each one filled with program content of one sort or another.

All Beasley Broadcast stations will stream program content on the Internet using BE SoniXtream, and those not already broadcasting text or multicasting a second digital program channel will begin preparations to do so using BE HD Radio technology and BE Messagecasting products.


President/Chief Operating Officer, Bruce Beasley, took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk to BE about these new developments.


The activity at Bonneville’s studios in downtown Chicago rivals the air traffic at nearby O’Hare airport. Program content is coming out of the studios in droves, landing on three main frequencies on the FM dial as well as their respective HD Radio multicast channels, plus four streaming websites.


Greg Solk is VP Programming for Bonneville's Chicago Radio Group, where there are 10 program streams, many automated by BE’s AudioVAULT digital media system and aired by BE transmission and HD Radio systems. In addition, title, artist and promo text is being broadcast on each of the HD channels, handled by BE’s Messagecasting system, The Radio Experience.


Randy Wright built his Lake of the Ozarks dream station using BE's AudioVAULT as the foundation. KZWV also integrates Messagecasting, streaming media and remote program hosting.


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