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BE hires Charles Clements as Director of Business Development

November  1,  2017

 Quincy, IllinoisBroadcast Electronics (BE) is pleased to announce its recent hire of Charles Clements who will join the BE team as the Director of Business Development for Commotion. Clements comes with a wealth of experience in digital sales and marketing, and many years’ experience in Radio & Television broadcasting.  


Prior to joining BE, Clements was a General Sales Manager at Ramar Communications, managing digital sales and combining digital marketing strategies with Radio &Television advertising packages.  Before that, he worked as the V.P. for an outside sales organization that was directly involved in sales for BE/Commotion. Clements holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University, as well as many Digital Marketing and Broadcast Sales certifications.


Charles comments,“I’m honored to be a part of the BE team, and I’m very happy to be working with Commotion again. Mobile technology continues to advance faster than ever, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and continue to improve. We have a great development team in place, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Commotion and our clients.  I’ve seen Commotion work for radio stations and their advertisers, so one of my goals is to make sure our current and future clients are maximizing digital revenue, and providing a great experience for their audience and their advertising customers.”


“I am pleased to welcome Charles to the company.” commented Tom Beck, Broadcast Electronics CEO.“His experience and focus in helping radio stations improve revenue will be very important in his role with Commotion. The Commotion product was designed to not only provide a rich social media experience on the app, but also provide avenues to product additional revenue for the station. Charles is the perfect fit to help our customers reach their audiences and achieve higher revenue."


Clements will report to Tom Beck, CEO.


Established in 1959, BE is the world’s leading radio-only equipment manufacturer and currently provides award winning FM and AM transmitters, equipment, AudioVAULT studio automation, Marti Electronics STL and RPU solutions, and Commotion™, a social media, advertising, and listener interactive solutions company.


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