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Tim Bealor Retires from Broadcast Electronics

December  21,  2015

Quincy, Illinois, USA – Broadcast Electronics announced today that Tim Bealor has retired as Director Emeritus.


Bealor attended Purdue University and served in the U.S. Navy. Bealor began his career at Broadcast Electronics as a technician in 1975. In 1977, he moved to Illinois with Broadcast Electronics from Maryland, where the company was founded. Since then he has served a variety of technical, support, product management, sales leadership, marketing positions, Executive Vice President of Product Development, former President and CEO, until August of this year when he stepped down to become Director Emeritus of the company.


President of Broadcast Electronics, Tom Beck issued the following statement: 


Tim Bealor has touched so many people, worked on so many projects, assisted so many customers,dealers, and representatives, it is impossible to count how many people have been impacted by him personally and also by his work. BE will continue to serve the radio industry well, if we follow his example.”


Broadcast Electronics would like to thank and congratulate Tim Bealor for over 40 years of excellent service, hard work and commitment to the company.  


Established in 1959, BE is the world’s leading radio-only equipment manufacturer and currently provides award winning FM and AM transmitters, equipment, AudioVAULT studio automation, Marti Electronics STL and RPU solutions, and Commotion™, a social media, advertising, and listener interactive solutions company.


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